Supported Employment Services

"I love learning skills with my friends. I love my job. My life skills manager helps me learn things about my job."

Are you ready and willing to work? People who want to work are willing to learn will grow and benefit the most from our Supported Employment Services. Our Employment Specialists and Job Developers provide a variety of flexible supports to help people obtain and maintain successful integrated community employment. We have relationships with over 55 Howard County area businesses and are continually building new partnerships.

Full community life means having a meaningful job that pays a living wage. The Arc’s skilled Employment Specialists not only work to match employers with employees, but also provide additional training and give advice. The Arc of Howard County’s Employment Department provides a variety of flexible supports and services to help people gain and maintain employment.
From the person-driven approach of Discovery, to the application and interview process, to on-the-job coaching by our employment specialists, we are there for you.
Employment Specialists and Job Developers work with you to identify strengths, opportunities, strategies, and any accommodations needed for you to be successful. After you begin employment, specialists, developers, and direct service professionals continue to provide supports needed to maintain a successful work relationship between you, the employee, and your employer.
Our employment services assist with obtaining and maintaining employment.
Our Pathways of Employment allow participants of the service to choose the pathway they feel would fit them best. Pathways of Employment include:

  • Customized Employment
  • Fast Track to Employment
  • Supported Employment Pathways

For more information on Supported Employment Services, please contact

  • Robert Walker
  • Email
  • (240) 213-6702
Several young man stand around a table while a worker in a store shows them how to fold shirts.

Introduction to Employment

Are you looking to enhance your skills and increase your knowledge about employment? Your success is important to us.

At The Arc of Howard County, our goal is to help those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities learn more about their community and explore job opportunities. Our Introduction to Employment program builds employment skills for participants to be successful in their job search and maintain employment once hired.

Introduction to Employment is a group service to help participants learn skills to work toward competitive integrated employment. Services include:

  • Travel Training — Travel training involves finding independent means of transportation to get around the community.
  • Employment Skills — We will help you learn skills for employment, such as time-management and strategies to complete work tasks.
  • Virtual Progressive Learning (VPL) online classes help participants learn various skills for success in the community. Classes taught daily break down the understanding of skills and tasks for employment. Classes also help explain everyday independence skills to navigate through the community safely.

For more information on Introduction to Employment, please contact

  • Robert Walker
  • Email
  • (240) 213-6702

"Group services has helped me with skills to keep my job. I learn a lot in the virtual classes."

A young man working at Home Depot wears an orange vest and pushes a cart, facing the camera.
A young man wearing a Home Deport orange vest stands next to a man in an Arc grey sweatshirt.
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